komsa-in-autumn As our kids get older our weekends are becoming hiking adventures.  We braved the Autumn winds and climbed Komsa Mountain on Sunday. komsa-in-autumn-7 Komsa Mountain has always been a special place for the peoples who live in the area, from the Stone Age with rock art, to the Sami with spiritual rocks and sites, and now to modern Alta as a place to look over the growing city and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of nature. komsa-in-autumn-6 It is easy for hiking to become a weekly activity in Alta.  We are surrounded by Arctic forests, fjords, mountains and plains.  We even have Europe's biggest canyon.  Nature is right outside our front door. komsa-in-autumn-5 komsa-in-autumn-2 komsa-in-autumn-4 And winter will not stop our adventures; that's when we crack out the cross-country skis and get in some real Arctic exercise. komsa-in-autumn-3 

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