helicopter All of Norway has just ordered in some new rescue helicopters.  The coast guard operates them for land and sea.  This new 'Augusta' is from the Augusta Westland factory.  The previous helicopter Norway used was the "Sea King" made by the same company. Why is the helicopter brand name important?  Well, for us in Alta, at least, you don't say 'call the coast guard' in an emergency, you say 'call the Sea King'.  But I never did catch the correct name until I saw it written in the paper.  Norwegian's seem to pronounce Sea King as 'Seeking'.  It wasn't until I saw it spelt out that I realized what everyone was trying to say. Now everyone has to get used to the new name 'Augusta', a name that can't be mistaken.  However, other countries are calling it the Merlin (GB) or Kestrel (US) or Cormorant (Canada).  I must admit, 'Augusta' is a bit of a mouthful to say in an emergency but it's a lot easier for an outlander like me to say 'Augusta' than 'Ring kystvakta' (Call the Coast Guard). 

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