Borealis 2012-9754 I'm the creator and director for the Borealis Winter festival 2015 opening show next year.  This will be the third time I have designed and directed a show for the ice stage and I am so happy to be doing it this year with the wonderful artists and dancers in Alta. Borealis 2015 will be a bigger deal than most because the Finnmarksløpet (Finnmark race in dog sledding), which is a part of the festival, is hosting the international championship in dog sledding.  There will be more people and more broadcasters from all over the world.  (Not much pressure at all!) Finnmarkslopet As I'll be immersed in creating a show for Alta, Norway and the world, I thought it would be interesting for readers to get a glimpse into the creative processes involved in putting on an outside show on an ice stage in the Arctic.  I will be posting several articles about certain aspects of the show - from story and history to snow choreography and building ice stages.  The articles will be headed by "Borealis 2015". There will also be an opportunity to see the show live on the internet, as the High School's media centre streams the show and they also have a youtube channel. I hope you enjoy following the creation of the show.  (And if you have the chance, we'd love to see you come over for the celebrations!) borealis-pic-3 

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