Antmensnes-1 Amtmannsnes is a little peninsula off Komsa Mountain in Alta.  It is one of our favourite places for an after dinner family walk.  We load up everyone in the car and take the 5 minute drive down to the water at sunset. Antmensnes-2 There is something about Amtmannsnes; it has the kind of peacefulness you get when you feel everything in your life is in harmony.  You have no worries; all the time in the world to enjoy the beauty of the fjord, beach and mountain. Antmensnes-3 The sun and water have a special relationship.  They create ever changing atmospheres, and I guess that is one of the reasons we like Amtmannsnes so much.  At every turn and on every mound everything looks different, the colours in the sky, of the water and of the plants. Antmensnes-4 The cliffs are great for climbing with natural steps.  The higher we go the closer to the berries we get!  Amtmannsnes has a low forest.  Most of the plant life is not higher than the ankles with lots of berry types including cloudberries if you are lucky. Antmensnes-5 Ah-ha!  They may look like blue berries but they sure don't taste as nice.  Blokkebær (bog bilberries) berries have the same colour and texture of blueberries but they are oblong instead of round and taste rather funky. Antmensnes-6 Right at the top of the walk are Cold War lookout ruins.  They were built by the local regiment in the 1960s to keep an eye out for any activity happening in the fjord, especially from enemy submarines. Antmensnes-7 Antmensnes-9 To the east, and tip of the peninsula is a little beach with a fishing rowboat. Antmensnes-11 Antmensnes-10 Walking towards the sun on the way back somehow changes the colours of everything. Antmensnes-18 These berries look like tyttebær or cowberries but are actually skrubbær (scrub berries) or grisebær (pig berries) in the local tongue, or dwarf cornels in English. Antmensnes-17 Antmensnes-12 There is only space for a low forest on Amtmannsnes.  Being surrounded by the fjord, it gets the harsh brunt of winter.  Trees usually can't survive the winter winds here but the berry forest thrives.  It is protected in winter under a thick layer of snow and has no tall trees to compete with for sun in the summer. Antmensnes-13 The peacefulness captures you and you can't help but stop many times along the track just to breath in the beauty and tranquility. Antmensnes-14 Antmensnes-19 Our Saint Bernard looks pretty small here but that is only because Moose is 6'7".  He's following the Bro Code: your dog must at least reach up to your knees. Antmensnes-8 In nature a science lesson is always waiting.  Lilu was fascinated with how one rock can draw on another - rocks can be softer or harder than each other. Antmensnes-21 Antmensnes-16 Definitely, one of Amtmannsnes' features is the incoming planes.  On the other side of the peninsula is our little airport.  No jumbo jets can land there, it is too small.  We mostly get propeller planes and small commuter jets.  The planes fly low over us and it is fun to watch them fly overhead while laying.  This particular plane was playing follow with us.  It circled round and around, following our walking path, making sure to fly right over our heads each time. Antmensnes-22 Antmensnes-20 As the sun began to fall behind the northern mountains across the fjord, it was home time. Antmensnes-23 Back along the stoney beach, along the lush grass that leads up to Komsa Mountain, we headed back to the car. Antmensnes-24 But one last stroll by the water's edge was needed before we said good-bye.  Until next time. 

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