God morgen is a Norwegian greeting song sung in schools.  The teacher and students sing together to welcome each other to the new learning day.  It has been around for at least 30 years (Moose sung it at school when he was a lad).  Different schools have different variations but here is the one Lilu is being taught now for Alta:
God morgen God morgen, god morgen, her er vi igjen. Vi kommer så glade til første klasse hen. Vi synger, vi synger, vi har det så godt. Vi vil ikke bytte, mot kongens store slott.
Translation: Good morning, good morning, here we are again.  We come so happily to first class. We sing, we sing, we have it so good.  We would not trade it for the king's big castle. The use of the word 'hen' is to make the song rhyme.  It is an old Norwegian word meaning 'off to' or 'away to'.  The sentence 'Vi kommer så glade til første klasse hen' itself is grammatically incorrect because you cannot 'come away to' something.  (kommer...hen) Here is Moose giving it a go with the guitar:
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