building-snowcave Usually you build snow caves on the side of hills or in snow drifts (created by the wind blowing the snow, which makes it hard but not icy).  We had another idea - build our own!  Every Sunday over the last month we have had a mini snow storm.  And every Sunday we have got out the snow shovels to pile up the snow into a small mountain in the front yard.  We initially did this for just pure exercise - moving snow around the yard is great for building upper-body strength.  Last Sunday we realised we had enough mountain to make a snow cave. building-snow-cave-2 Digging is out was very easy as every week the snow had compacted on top of itself making for an excellent snow-digging cave.  All you need is a shovel and 'Stig's your uncle'.  It wasn't long before we reached the other side. snow-cave-and-house snow-cave-hole It was a little squishy but from that point it was a piece of cake to carve out a bigger hole. snow-cave-fun Snow-caving was a fun activity for the afternoon.  The snow even tasted good. snow-cave-blue 

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