school-transport-2 I must say, traveling to school in Norway is a little more fun than I am used to.  You still get your walkers and bikers, but when the snow is here, out comes the skiers, sledders and sled-bikers.  (I think it is amazing that some kids still ride their bikes to school on the snow and ice!) school-transport-1 It is not usual to have to lock up your skis or sleds, everyone has one, and so they are not an item that attracts sticky-fingers.  But I'm sure the school will have something to say about all the parked sled-bikes at the bottom of the walking path.  (This seems to be a thing in Alta, to get as close to the door as possible.  If Altaværing (Alta folk) could park their cars inside the shop door, they would!) The snow only came the past week so I'm sure I'll be seeing a lot more 'snow-mobile' traffic in the future. school-transport-3 

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