disney-junior When the sun returns and daylight savings kicks in it is hard for our kids to believe us that it is bedtime.  Their usual defense is 'But it's still light outside'.  Yes, that is the problem with living in the Arctic.  During summer the sun goes down later and later every night until it doesn't go down at all for two whole months.  This makes it difficult, even for adults, to have a regular bedtime.  Since our kids are too young to tell time, it can take a fair amount of time convincing them to go to bed.  This is when TV in Norway can be a parents best friend. To confirm to our kids that it is time to go to bed, we turn on the TV.  At 7.30pm, NRK Super, the Norwegian children's TV channel, closes for the night.  Showing our kids a channel close does a world of good in making them believe.  However, we prefer our kids to go to be at 7pm and so we switch to the Disney Junior channel (we have a cable package).  The last three minutes the channel plays a goodnight song and the Disney crew get tucked into bed.  When seeing this, our kids are satisfied that it is time to brush teeth, read a story and go to bed. As the summer progresses us adults start to rely more on TV as well to keep our regular bedtime.  Some people use baths or books to help them get sleepy.  We don't have a bath and we read books all day.  TV is our relaxer and time keeper.  During the peek of summer we have to sometimes force ourselves to watch TV otherwise we'd be out all night enjoying the midnight sun.  Staying up in the sunlight is great at first but doing this too often puts your sleeping out of sink.  We have to keep a regular sleeping schedule so we can have a better dark season.  Each season effects the next. You have to be disciplined with your health, especially sleeping, if you want to survive Norway. 

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