oya Stjernøya is one of the islands in the Alta fjord.  It is full of arctic wildlife and is home to one of the biggest mineral mining operations in Finnmark, Sibelco Nordic.  The island is also the summer grazing pasture for reindeer that are ferried across on barges.  You can read more about reindeer herding to Stjernøya in the post Reindeer Herding: A Family Life. The island has a very small population, just 80 people, made up from a few sheep farms on the north side of the island.  The only way to get to the island is via private boat or public ferry from Øksfjord to the north of the island.  Stjernøya is popular for fishing and hunting.  Snow grouse, seagull eggs and trout are common favorites found. Easter is a time when Norwegians spend their holidays up in the snowy mountains in their cabins to enjoy the sun and outdoor snow activities.  This year our family is spending the Easter holidays on Stjernøya, on the south side.  It is a working holiday, as Moose works for the mining company, so we will be well looked after with accommodation and food.  However, having a huge mountain separating us from the north, we will be all on our own.  No shops, no cars, no people.  It will either be absolute bliss or drive us nuts.  We shall see. Over the next five days we will be posting about our adventures and discoveries on Stjernøya. blatur-14 

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