stjernoya-day2-10 I first moved to Norway when I was 30 so I was well beyond playing in the snow, or so I thought.  Snow was wonderful and beautiful but always felt a little alien to me.  I had to learn how to walk in it, brush it off my car and get used to it being all over me.  It was cold, wet, and just like sand, got everywhere.  I must say, I wasn't a willing participant. stjernoya-day2-1 It wasn't until this Easter that snow became a wonderful play-thing.  Being an adult you don't get much time to just play.  There is always something to facilitate, organise or feed but with holidaying on Stjernøya there has been wonderful times of nothingness and that is when snow-play is just waiting to happen. stjernoya-day2-6 stjernoya-day2-9 Just me and the snow slid together and rolled together and climbed together.  I used the snow to make mounds and curve out slides, to create caves and build stuff, and the snow just let me.  I used my whole body to shape the snow, which before I would only do in water.  Feeling the depth and the thickness, the lightness and weight, I got to understand the snow a little better.  I was starting to build a relationship with it, just how all Norwegian kids do.  The snow wasn't alien to me anymore. stjernoya-day2-7 I'm excited about this new relationship and look forward to snow being an active part of my life instead of just a 'Norwegian thing'.  Snow is now becoming part of my identity and this makes me one step closer to understanding the relationship Norwegians have with their nature. 

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