stjernoya-day1-1 Our private boat to Stjernøya at the Alta westside docks.  It does 28 knots so no standing on the deck because you might blow off! stjernoya-day1-2 The boat is named Nefelin IV which is named after the mineral that the mining company extracs from the Nabbaren mountain on Stjernøya. stjernoya-day1-3 Even though it was a beautiful sunny day it was still below 2 degree celsius.  This is sunshade arctic weather. stjernoya-day1-4 stjernoya-day1-5 Dogs are allowed to travel on deck.  Bear, our Saint Bernard, loves going to Stjernøya because he can run around free all the time. stjernoya-day1-6 It takes about an hour to get to Stjernøya.  The silos in the background are where the minerals are stored for shipping. stjernoya-day1-7 The mainland isn't that far away. stjernoya-day1-8 On Stjernøya the mining company has apartments for overnight stays for their miners and scientists.  Without production over the Easter holidays the site is like a ghost town. stjernoya-day1-14 Spring is coming through on Stjernøya early.  It is said that Stjernøya has half the temperature and twice the weather as Alta. stjernoya-day1-16 Wildlife is all around.  There are hares jumping around, snow grouse on the hillside and white-tailed eagles which have a two and a half meter wingspan and which are one of the largest birds of prey in the world,  soar in the skies looking for fish.  Hopefully we will catch them in the act during our stay. stjernoya-day1-17 stjernoya-day1-25 stjernoya-day1-26 A ship is stranded at the docks with a Russian crew.  It is waiting for a tugboat to pull it into Alta to be fixed.  Even though the ship is docked at the island and that they are using a Norwegian ship, the Russians are not allowed to step one foot on land.  It is because they are shipping internationally and there is no official custom service on Stjernøya. stjernoya-day1-27 Waiting for us in the kitchen was a huge pot of freshly cooked lapskaus.  Very salty, just how Norwegians like it! stjernoya-day1-29 We are lucky enough to have free access to the kitchen, since we are the only ones on the island, and all. stjernoya-day1-30 The amount of food they have bought for us to survive the five days could feed a small army. stjernoya-day1-31 stjernoya-day1-32 stjernoya-day1-35 Lets see what we can make in the professional kitchen.  I have to remember the days when I was a chef in London.  (It sounds a lot cooler than it was.)  And oh my!  I found 'English' sugar in the pantry.  English sugar is made from sugarcane while Norwegian sugar is made from sugar beet.  It means I have the potential of making lovely caramel and toffee sauces!  This working Easter holiday is going to be yummy! stjernoya-day1-36 

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