before-easter-sale-3 Is this happening anywhere else in the world?  In the last two years I have seen a new sales trend in Norway around holidays.  Instead of items going on sale after the event, they go on sale before it.  Back in the day sales used to stop before Christmas in October so people would end up paying full price for presents in November and December, (and perhaps a little more).  It was well known that before Christmas was the most expensive time to buy things in the year.  So people started to pre-buy presents at the after Christmas sales for the following year. before-easter-sale-2 Now in Norway, I see that a lot of items go on sale leading up to the holiday.  It has been discovered that people buy more before the holiday than after (duh) and so retailers want to now cash in with pre-holiday sales.  It happened last year with Sales Before Christmas and now it is happening this Easter. Norwegians have just gotten over the Christmas food binge, having so much cheap chocolate around is sure to bust all those healthy New Years resolutions.   before-easter-sale 

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