Norway is considered a very expensive country.  It is estimated that in Norway products are 48% more expensive than the average in Europe.  But still, I think Norway is the best country for sales and Christmas is no exception!!! Come St Lucia day (13th of December) and a lot of the major stores go on sale.  Yes, that is right, they go on sale two weeks BEFORE Christmas.  It is logical really.  In other countries it is a tradition for New Year sales (and we have that too here in Norway) but who wants to buy Christmas stuff after Christmas?  The stores don't want to have their last seasons' Christmaswares sitting around in storage or have to return them to suppliers, so the smarter thing to do is to have a sale to get rid of all the un-bought stuff in time to be bought before Christmas. Don't believe that this could happen in one of the top two most expensive cities in the world (Oslo)?  I've taken snapshots of websites today to prove it to you.  These are just some of the stores found in most shopping centres around Norway.  Sales average 50% on certain items but go up to 70% off.  Amazing, huh?  Sales in Scandinavia are better than what I have seen in any other Western country. What is even more amazing is that after Christmas the same stores can go on sale for an extra 20% off on top of the already-reduced items.  Yes, I can usually buy some things here after Christmas for 90% off!  (Mainly little things, cooking-wares and clothes.)  After Christmas is when all the other stores, like furniture and whites goods, join in the sale fest. Christmas is a time of giving, and when giving, knowing that you have also saved, makes the season even more delightful. Happy Christmas shopping!!! 

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