Christmas is just around the corner and we have already had our first family craft activity.  We got out all our craft making stuff on the table and the first thing we made were kremmerhus goodie-bags for our platter.  Sure it isn’t necessary to make a decoration for something that will be eaten within an hour but I’ve found that it is the little things, the things that are not necessary, that make a Norwegian Christmas quite charming.  A cinnamon stick in the hot chocolate, a little candle at dinner, welcome lights by the front door and an orange and clove advent calendar on the coffee table.  The little home-made touches, the thought, the elegance, the natural, the traditional, and yes, the cleverness, is what I know a Norwegian Christmas to be.  Even if it is only meant to last a little while, like a home-made candle, a bird sheaf or an ice sculpture, it is worth the effort for Christmas.

We made our kremmerhus goodie-bags out of baking paper and tape.  They were just cut triangles rolled into a cone filled with nuts and fruit.  This was certainly a big hit with Lilu and Lil’ Red.  Somehow the regular food just seemed more special.

Christmas is coming and this year we are starting early on My Little Norway in sharing Norwegian traditions, recipes and crafts, so you can perhaps have good time to put a little Norway into your Christmas celebrations.  God jul!

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