As our family has had a number of craft workshops leading up to Christmas, we are starting to experiment with the traditional crafts.  These felt heart cushions are delightfully easy (much easier than weaving paper) and add a new twist to the regular basket.

To make the heart follow the Woven Heart instructions on the post Norwegian Christmas Heart Baskets.  It is a lot easier to have a stiff pattern template to work from when using felt material.  Putting the straight three-sided edge along the fold still applies.  After the cut out, then weave the same as you would with the paper version.  It is not necessary to cut out the handle unless you want to use it as a decorative handle – I used just wool to act like the string on a Christmas tree ornament.

To continue from the Woven Heart instructions – Stuff the heart with cotton wool.  The heart can also be stuffed with Christmas spices such as star anise, cinnamon sticks, cloves or a mixture.

Next, lightly sew around the heart with wool.  Make a little hanging string by sewing wool in a loop and knot at the back top of the heart.  Sew a bow or spice to the front of the heart.  Hang on the Christmas tree, on the wall, in a doorway or window, on the fridge or put on a decorative platter.

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