UDI updates information all the time with new laws and procedures. If you want citizenship you can make it easier on yourself by following UDIs advice:
Many applications for citizenship are rejected because the applicant hasn’t lived in Norway long enough, hasn’t documented that he or she has completed the necessary language course, or because there are doubts about the identity of the applicant. Last updated 07.10.2011 So far this year (until August 31), the UDI has processed 10 150 applications for citizenship. 20 per cent of the applications were rejected. 279 applicants had not documented that they have completed the necessary Norwegian language classes. 349 applicants had not lived in Norway long enough with the right kind of residence permit. In addition, 875 applicants had not proven their identity, for example because they had used more than one identity in Norway or used different identities in Norway and other European countries. If you are applying for citizenship it is important that you check that you fulfil all the requirements before you send in your application, and that you have sent in all the necessary documentation. http://www.udi.no/Norwegian-Directorate-of-Immigration/News/2011/Have-you-checked-that-you-fulfil-the-criteria-for-citizenship/

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