Winter is coming so our family makes the most of all the daylight and outdoors during late autumn.  The air is crisp and bites at your cheeks; snow is already laying on the mountain tops. The trees have lost their leaves so the forest floor can be a little slippery and the rivers become slow as they thicken with the cold. Bear, our Saint Bernard, follows us closely.  He keeps a watch on the kids to make sure they don't get too close to the freezing water.  We encourage him to walk and run on the rocks; they are smooth from years of spring floods and act as a natural nail trimmer and foot massager for Bear. After a good run-about, a refreshing drink from the river is called for. The river is created from a collection of springs, rain and snow.  The water is lovely to drink. It might seem a little peculiar plunging your lips only into a cold, cold river, but there is some good sense to it.  Using your hands to scoop up the icy water will make your hands very cold.  It is hard to dry them and put your gloves back on.  The best way to drink in these conditions is to find a flat rock you can lay on and suck up the water between your lips.  It is less messy, warmer and a little more fun than the regular way.  

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