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Maternity staff at Tromsø University Hospital (UNN) have experienced an increase in pregnant women requesting to have their labour induced so they can give birth before 1st of September. Children born before 1st of September will have a place secured in kindergarten from next year, by government regulations. Those who didn't meet that deadline will have to wait an extra year, when the child turns two. Pedriatic nurse Hege Hind at the UNN says the staff has been getting several requests from soon-to-be parents to induce labour artificially, specifically so the child could be born to make the kindergarten cutoff. The hospital staff make it clear that they do not induce labour artificially, even if the mother is in week 38-39 of the pregnancy, unless there are medical reasons to do so. Getting into kindergarten is not a good enough reason, says Head of Department Siv Skarding. Skarding thinks it is sad that our society is set up to make parents feel pressured to take such steps. Several of the hospital staff have also had to reduce their hours because they missed the kindergarten deadline. Via and NTB 

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