We don't have a Starbucks here in Alta but that certainly doesn't stop them from selling their coffee.  Supermarkets have been stocking the coffee for about a year now.  I'm not too convinced about this being a good strategy for Starbucks.  If you can buy the coffee at Rema why spend twice as much money in one of their cafés? From Starbucks press release June 16. 2011:
Starbucks Coffee Company (NASDAQ: SBUX), and  SSP, the leading operator of food and beverage brands in travel locations worldwide, today announced it will expand Starbucks presence into Norway opening the first Starbucks store at Oslo Airport early 2012. This announcement comes on the heels of a very successful launch of Starbucks® Iced Latte ready-to-drink coffee line-up in grocery and convenience stores last January, where it has achieved 37 percent value share for ready-to-drink products in Norway in a few short months, according to a recent Nielsen survey. “We are humbled by the overwhelmingly positive reception Starbucks® Iced Latte coffee drinks have received from our customers in Norway, and it is a natural next step for us to open our first retail store after receiving such a warm welcome,” said Nelsen.
I guess Starbucks is playing it safe for now.  We will see if Norwegians will tolerate the 'on every corner' motto of Starbucks. 

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