...not fårikål, not strawberries and not cardamon, but TACO!!! Unofficially, of course, but taco is the first spice mix that has infiltrated most 'quick' foods in Norway. You can get taco flavoured pizza, quiche, burgers, boller, pølse, dip, soup, salad, baguettes and potato chips, just to name a few. What's worse is that quite often not one, but every 'quick food brand', such as potato chips, has their own 'special taco' flavoured line. This agonisingly limits selection at food stores because the shelves are filled with the monopolized flavour. There is only one reason for this invasion - kids!  I know this because there was a Norwegian kids show, Amigo, that profiled their contestants and you know what everyone wrote down as their favourite food? Tacos!!  Whenever we have babysitters, Taco is always their first choice for dinner (the kids get to make their own Tacos and therefore bypass the tomato and lettuce.) It is no wonder that taco flavour has become so popular here as Norwegians have are very particular palate - salt, salt and more salt! 

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