Bård Klungland, a butcher from the town of Lunde in the south of Norway, was about to close his shop for the night when the phone rang. Leaving his bicycle unlocked out front, he went in to answer the call. When he came back out 15 minutes later, the bike had been stolen. Unwilling to accept the loss, Klungland put an ad in the local newspaper asking for help to retrieve his bike. He also promised an unusual reward to the finder: 5 kgs of sausages. Just a few days later, the bicycle was found. Klungland kept his part of the deal and rewarded the finder with 5 kgs of his own produce. The finder wanted to remain anonymous, but was allegedly very happy with the meaty reward. Klungland's bike was also perfectly intact. It should be mentioned that the sausages have a market value of about 600 Norwegian kroner. Via fvn.no and NRK 

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