After Christmas I have ploughed into a performance production for the Borealis Winter Festival here in Alta, Norway.  Being the creator, choreographer and designer, it has left me little time for anything else.  However, today is performance day and I am happy to announce to our readers information about our live webcast of the Borealis opening ceremony and performance.  You can see the webcast here. Live video for mobile from Ustream Live video for mobile from Ustream If, for whatever reason, you cannot see the stream on our website, go to this ustream channel: Vi er Alta (We are Alta) The show is about the evacuation of Alta during World War II, and the people's return to their city.  The seasons are what defines us here in the north, and they play an important role in history.  In the autumn of 1944, the people of Alta were evacuated.  Many of them saw their city in flames as they left on boats.  Many families were separated, some fled to the wilderness or to hiding places, others were never seen again.  It was a mild winter with little snow, and this was a blessing for those who stayed behind in Alta to survive.  After the war many of the people of Alta returned to find their city in ruins.  In a true spirit of friendship, people worked together to rebuild each other's homes.  Together they built the future of Alta. In our story we follow a boy who was left behind during the evacuation.  We learn about his relationship with nature and the importance of his family.  The show is a dancical using original music developed by local artist Dag-Jarle Nilsen.  It uses puppetry and symbols to tell the story.  All performers are children aged eight to 14 years.  The stage has been sculpted entirely out of ice and snow! The opening ceremony starts at 19.00 local time and includes a parade of flags from the representing countries for the Finnmarksløpet, the biggest European international dog sled race.  At around 19.20, my performance production, Vi er Alta, will start.  I hope you can join me and Alta to celebrate all that winter can offer. If you want to confirm when the show starts in your own local time you can use this timezone converter:    

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