On the 13th of December is Lussinatt - Lucia night.  It is the night before Saint Lucia's memorial day.  During the Middle Ages this night was considered as the Winter Solstice as it was the longest night of the year.  This is because the Julian calendar was in use at the time.  From 1582 the Gregorian calendar (the one we have today) replaced the Julian one which moved Winter Solstice to 21st/22nd of December. On Lucia night the underground trolls and creatures would roam about and in some places 'Lussi' was understood to be Lucifer.  Other places understood Lucia to be dark and evil at night but turned to good when the morning came. Sweden has a strong tradition of Lucia celebrations and Norway has adopted the Lucia princess with a crown of lights, the children's procession, as well as the Lucia boller. The Lucia primstav mark was a torch, candlestick, bonfire, light or cross. 

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