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Old Norwegian Gløgg Recipes

Old Norwegian gløgg recipes from the first Norwegian cookery book published in 1845.

Norwegian Christmas

On page 38 on Hanna Winsnes’ cook book:

Three pægel of water (7.2dl) boiled with half a pound of crystal sugar or light powdered sugar, one pægel of Cognac (2.4dl) and a little cinnamon; then pour in a bottle of red wine, that must not boil. Take it off the fire, when it is close to boiling. Serve warm.

Bishop Extract:
For each bottle of red wine take one quarter pound of white sugar, which can be crystal sugar, and the juice of two bitter oranges (pommerance), that are pressed with a lemon juicer onto the sugar. If you want to use it staright away, also take a piece of thin peel, and immerse it in the wine; but if it is to be stored as an extract, it could easily become too bitter from this.

When preparing, pour as much boiling water in, that it becomes warm; it is best to warm up the bowl first with hot water.

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