To read more about the myths and tradition behind St Lucia Day, visit our post Saint Lucia Day.

What you need:

– Children! – A parade of girls is tradition and Lucia was usually a blonde-haired girl.  Now in Norway Lucia can have any colour hair and boys also join the parade.  Only one child wears the Lucia crown who leads the parade.  However, to not leave anyone out, the rest of the children carry candles (LED ones).

– White clothes for the children – Saint Lucia wears a red sash around the waist.

– A light wreath – In Norway you can buy these crowns in the stores (Europris/Nille).  They are plastic green wreaths with five white plastic candles standing on top.
To make your own:
You will need green card, white card and yellow card – scissors, tape/staples.  Use the green card for the wreath.  Cut off a band strip and fit to the child’s head.  Cut out wreath leaves from the rest of the green card and attach them to the headband.  Cut out five candles from the white card.  Attach them with even spacing onto the headband.  Cut out little candle flames from the yellow card.  Attach them to the white card candles.

– A basket full of Lussekatt (St Lucia buns) to give out to the crowd watching the procession.  You can find a Lucia bun recipe at the end of the post Saint Lucia Day.

– A crowd to watch the parade – your child/ren can parade for the family, in the shopping centre, at school, in the town square or at elderly homes, handing out Lucia buns on the 13th of December.  It is a lovely way to celebrate a Norwegian tradition (and to remind everyone to prepare for Christmas).

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