Usually four candles, purple or white, sit in a candelabra.  The first is lit on the first Sunday of Advent – four Sundays before Christmas.  The first and second candle is lit on the second Sunday, and so forth.

What you need:

4 candles – white or purple
a candelabra (square or linear) or candle plate to protect from wax spills
a safe place for the candles to burn


In Norway it is popular to number the candles with number ornaments.  Candle plates can be laced with tinsel and baubles.  Purple, gold and silver are usual colours.  It is usual for candle plates to be set on tables or benches with a little table cloth underneath.  Square candelabras are also set on tables or benches.  Linear candelabras are usually set on windowsills.  Both thick and thin candles are used.  It is common to see flower-rings around think candles.  Rustic candles and decor are a favourite as Norwegians appreciate the country feel.

House Decoration:

Purple is the colour of Advent.  It is popular in Norway to colour the house purple with table cloths, cushions, bedsheets, curtains and towels.  As the season progresses the colours change to red and white for Christmas.  Read more about the Advent Season.

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