Roughly 1 500 asylum seekers have left Norway and travelled back to their home countries voluntarily so far this year. As many as 40 percent of them claim that they regret the decision to go to Norway in the first place, according to a recent study.

Many of those who return see that the development in their home country has gone unexpectedly well, and the stay in Norway has done little except put their lives on hold.

According to the study, many of the returned asylum seekers lied about their reasons for coming to Norway. A lot of them admit that they did not have the need for international protection, and that they, in all practicality, entered Norway as work immigrants.

The study will be used by the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) in their work to further encourage voluntary return from Norway.

Asylum seekers from Iraq and Afghanistan are under a special programme that will give them up to NOK 35 000 in financial support upon return, in addition to free tickets. However, this return programme will soon be under evaluation, as returning immigrants have cost Norway more than NOK 70 million for Iraq alone.



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