A car buyer was apparently in a great hurry to get home to Lofoten last weekend with his new purchase. The man had bought a second-hand Mercedes in Hvaler, in the south of Norway, and in order to get home quicker he decided to put a magnet-mounted blue light on the roof of his car.

He was caught by the highway police after multiple calls from concerned drivers. Reports said the man had been driving like a maniac, crossing lanes and driving on the shoulder, at speeds up to 160 km/h. Operation leader at the Romerike Police department says things could have gone terribly wrong. One witness, who was changing tyres on the side of the road, was nearly run over by the crazed driver and was very happy to be alive.

The police found the 28 year old man parked at a service station north of Oslo. The blue light was discovered in his car, and he immediately admitted guilt. His driver's licence was revoked on the spot and he was charged with reckless driving.

- Posing as an emergency vehicle is a serious offense, was the final comment from the police.


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