Sometimes I still get culture shocked.  Right now Moose is walking around the house gathering things for his trip.  He is traveling down to Nesna this weekend to another farm to learn some natural horse-husbandry.  Also, he will be picking up some smålensgjess (Smålens geese) which are a Norwegian heritage breed that are at high risk of extinction (basically, they are the next to go). Moose pulls off the sheath to his huge Sami knife (Look out Rambo!).  'You are not going to take that, are you?', I said with one eyebrow raised, 'It's not like you're gonna get hungry on the way and need the knife to slaughter and roast a goose'.  He replied, 'It's in case I hit a reindeer.'  Referring to a reader's comment on the Alt for Norge post, 'What, you gonna cut of the testicles and eat them?'  'No', he said, 'it's to finish it off humanely'.  'Oh', I said, a little gobsmacked at even the idea of having to slaughter an animal on a simple road trip.  I guess, only in Norway. 

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