When a baby pram is lost by your airline while you're trvelling, it should be a straightforward procedure to claim insurance. At least that was what a family from Tromsø thought when their pram disappeared on a trip to Milan, Italy.

The insurance company Europeiske were of a different opinion, however. They refused to cover the family's loss - on the grounds that the pram was to be considered the property of the couple's four month old son.

As it turned out, the parents had their own separate insurance policies and as such neither of them were the rightful owner of the pram.

The father, Roger Solheim, took the refusal with a sense of humor.
- "We have brought it up with our son that maybe he should have insured his pram, but he doesn't seem to understand the implications."

Informations manager Emma Vennesland at Europeiske says that the information the family was given is actually correct. Two individual insurances do not cover the loss of a pram meant for a child. If the family had signed up for a family insurance, the pram would be covered without hassle.

Via nordlys.no


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