I guess like every little girl, I've always wanted to have a horse.  In Australia, it wasn't really an option.  Living in the city, so much to do, so little time.  Oh and, not to mention that I was petrified of any animal bigger than me.  I could dream but owning a horse wasn't in my plans. It was only when we moved to Alta that owing a horse became possible.  So we got Drage.  Being a Fjording, he is coldblood, from the drafthorse family.  (Some words I've learnt since owning a horse.)  He is very gentle and adorably stubborn.  Best of all, he enjoys my company. He must know I'm a beginner but doesn't care about my awkwardness.  For me, this summer has been about getting to know horses, and Drage has been very patient with me.  He doesn't mind my clumsy brushing or my tentative pats.  He lets me lean against him and touch him to get used to his physicality.  I guess he senses my continued awe. Fordings remind me of Norwegian nature.  Calm, patient, quiet and forgiving. 

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