Rape crimes have seen a dramatic increase in Oslo in the last months. Many of the rapes have happened to women walking home alone late at night, something that has caused concern in the general public. One student, herself a victim af an attempted rape, sent a proposal to the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communication to make the way home safer for women at night. In the proposal, she stated that it is often a matter of money that makes women opt to walk home through dark streets rather than take a taxi. She suggested that taxi companies should offer a low-price "girl taxi" for young women at night. The proposal, however, was dismissed by the Ministry on the grounds that providing more safety for women through concession fares would violate the Norwegian Gender Equality Act. In a reply to the proposal, the Ministry stated that they are conerned with "public transportation being a safe means of travel", however they "can not allow taxi companies to have special rates for specific clients, and as such not have special rates for female passengers, as this would mean a violation of the Equality Act."   Via Aftenbladet.no 

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