Trondheim has Norway's famous bike lift.  It is the only one in the world, installed in 1993 and is called Trampe, meaning 'thumper'.  It is in the back streets at Bakklandet, on the hill Brubakken.  It has its own website with instructions, how to buy tickets and technical specs.  It is 130 metres long with a 24 metre elevation. To use, the rider needs a key card.  You swipe at the machine at the bottom of the hill.  A little platform pops out.  You put your foot on it and away you go. The lift was built to encourage people to use their bikes.  Norwegians don't like to get sweaty when using bikes for transport, eg. going to work, so the lift was build to promote unsweaty cycling.  Tourists can rent a key card for a one time ride, however, you still need a bike.  For the locals, it costs NOK 100 per year.  

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