At around 15.20 today (local time) a bomb went off in a busy city square outside government offices in the heart of Oslo.  So far there are two reported causalities but more are expected.  It seems to have been a car bomb as there have been reports of a van in the area and now it is not there.  There is severe damage to several buildings in the area.  Oslo airports are sealed.  A press conference at the sight is currently being held.  Everyone in Oslo is asked not to use mobile phones and to stay home. An excerpt from the SHOOTER ON RAMPAGE post, updated in real time:
About 2 hours after the Oslo bombing, a man posing as a police officer fired several shots at a Labour Party youth convention, about 700 people attending, on Utøya, an island west of Oslo.  It was reported that the man in a police uniform identified himself as a police officer when boarding the boat to the island.  He said it was a 'routine control' in connection with the terrorist bombing earlier in Oslo city. The shooter has not been caught as yet and people are hiding where they can.  The police have sealed off the island. It has not been confirmed that the Oslo bombing and Shooter incidents are connected. More to follow. UPDATE - 18.37: The shooter is still shooting and people are tweeting for help.  The ambulance officers cannot get to the injured because of the shooter and the chaos. UPDATE - 18.43: It has been reported that several people have been shot.  Scared kids are swimming away from the island. UPDATE - 18.46: People are asked not to call people on the island because it gives away the kids hiding location to the shooter. UPDATE - 19.08: It has been reported that the Prime minister of Norway, Jens Stoltenberg, was supposed to give a speech at the Youth convention today.  He is currently in an undisclosed location but is still communicating to the country.  At the 19.00 news he told the Norwegian people 'We should not let fear control us'. UPDATE - 19.16 The police are reporting that the situation is under control and one person has been arrested.  They do not know as yet how many people have been killed or injured from the shooting.  Witnesses say that between 5-10 people have been killed but this is not confirmed.  One witness said that the gunman was using several weapons including a shotgun, handguns, and automatic weapons. According to reporters, the gunman is tall blond and with 'Nordic' features.  The camp participants are now being evacuated from the island and at least 20 ambulances and 4 helicopters have been called in. UPDATE - 20.00 It has now been confirmed that the authorities believe that the Oslo bombing and the Utøya shootings are connected.  They also report that they fear there is another bomb at Utøya.
UPDATE - 19.00: There are still 2 confirmed dead and 15 injured.  People are still trapped inside buildings and offices.  Experts think that it is an 'islamistic' attack.  Police and emergency crews are now focused on the shootings at Utøya, west of Oslo.  Go to Shooter Rampage post for more details on this news. UPDATE - 20.00: At least 7 are confirmed dead from the Oslo bombing.  It is now confirmed that the authorities believe that the bombing and shootings are connected.  They now report that they fear there is another bomb at Utøya, the island where the Labour Youth Convention was held and the shootings took place. UPDATE - 20.50 No new information has been provided about the Oslo bombing.  The police have not yet secured the area.  Focus is on Utøya and the shooting.  According to rescue personnel there are several dead bodies on the site but they cannot enter until the armed forces bomb-squad has cleared the area.  It is still unknown how many people are injured.  It is reported that the gunman in the police uniform said to the convention youth 'Come here' and then 'down right executed them', witnesses report.  The gunman also supposedly said 'This is just the beginning'. VIDEO from NRK - Areal shot of Utøya. The Special Forces storm the island. The police surround youth (sitting down) to protect them as they all take cover behind a van before the gunman is captured. Two more youth run to join them. (The video may take a little time to load.): UPDATE - 21.36 Witnesses say there was more than one shooter which explains the spread of dead bodies over such a large area.  This is yet to be confirmed.  So far there are ten people confirmed dead from the Utøya shooting. An Islamic terrorist group has claimed the bombing.  On Twitter the group made statements gathered by Evan Kolhmann:


UPDATE - 00.00 The Norwegian Prime minister and Minister of justice answered questions from the press at a press conference. It is confirmed that the gunman is believed to be involved in both attacks in Norway.  He is a 32 year old white Norwegian.  As yet there is no information as to motive.  However, the arrested man is answering questions by the police.  The attack has all the elements of a terrorist attack, however, no evidence has been presented yet.  The Norwegian Prime minister, when questioned about a terrorist group claiming responsibility, said that often there are those who claim responsibility without being responsible.  It is still unclear if there were more people involved in the attacks.  Police are searching through the gunman's house.  National border crossings are being controlled. The police have found undetonated explosives on the Utøya island.  A bomb squad is on site. There are 7 confirmed dead and 10 injured from the Oslo bombing.  There are at least 10 dead from the youth convention at Utøya, but it is feared that the number will climb as many are missing and more bodies are being found. There are many accounts of Norwegians jumping in their boats to the island to help the youth, picking up swimmers in the water.  One Norwegian boatman made it to the island and to his horror saw lifeless figures lining the shore.  A crisis camp was immediately set up on the main land.  Tourists gave up their sleeping bags and clothes to the youth who swam to shore. One young man reported that he ran for his life reaching the water.  He jumped in and while swimming he could feel bullets zooming past his ears.  While swimming for his life he saw a girl swimming next to him get shot in the head. The Prime minister issued a message to those responsible for the attacks:
You will not destroy us, You will not destroy our democracy, And our efforts for a better world. You will not bomb us to silence, You will not shoot us to silence, You will not scare us from being Norway.
UPDATE - 23 July 2011 - 02.00 Independent sources have revealed the name of the gunman as Anders Behring Breivik.  After a raid on his apartment in Oslo, information about him has been revealed.  Breivik has lived in West Oslo, (the rich side of town) all his life, however, just in the last month he had moved to Rena, Hedmark, over an hour north of Oslo.  Brievik is known to be openly opinionated about his political views, writing comments on online forums.  He is described as a far Right Extremist and fights for 'Nationalism not Internationalism'.  He comes across as an educated person, however, there is not evidence of this. Independent sources are scrambling to find information on the notorious Norwegian, searching the regular online information resources, including facebook, but what is scary is that Brievik, after only an hour of his home being raided, already has got a Wikipedia profile: UPDATE - 09.00 This morning the police confirmed that the death toll at Utøya had climbed substantially. So far 84 people are confirmed dead from the shooting and there is fear that this number will go up further. Rescue personnel with dogs have searched the island and the surrounding water through the night. The Prime Minister says that all public buildings will fly the flag at half mast today, and other people are also encouraged to fly their flags. Seven people are still confirmed dead from the bombing in Oslo. The mayor's office has informed that at least 90 people are injured after the Oslo attack. The accused is charged under penal code §147a and is facing 21 years in prison. This is considered an act of terrorism and it is the most severe penalty clause the police have at their disposal. The police are now asking people to come forward with pictures and video footage from the attacks to clarify what has happened. UPDATE - 11.05 As yet none of the dead have been identified in Oslo and Utøya.  The search on Utøya is still in progress for more dead, primarily in the water but also on land.  Forty dog teams have been searching through the night.  No relatives have been notified.  It is a painful wait for all relatives who had children and family on the island. Even though the government offices have been blown out, officials are still in full operation, having regular meetings and making decisions.  The city was deserted this morning and authorities are now saying people can return to the city centre, but of course, to avoid the sealed areas.  The situation is Oslo right now is that heavily armed soldiers, many with dogs, have been deployed outside public buildings. The terrorist, Breivik, is a member of a Norwegian Freemason's lodge - on third degree, out of ten.  A press spokesman for the Norwegian Freemason order  says 'We cannot make a statement about individuals or single occurrences tied to any members'. Questions are starting to arise such as - why did it take the police one and a half hours to reach the Utøya shooting scene?  In this time frame, it has been reported that the gunman, after the initial shootings, had time to search out and kill more youth that had been hiding behind rocks and in the terrain. People have been asked to give blood, especially those who are O-. UPDATE - 12.14 Police fear that there may be another perpetrator.  Witness accounts support this.  A man was described as tall, dark thick hair and 'Nordic' features with a pistol in one hand and a riffle on his back.  He was not wearing a police uniform. Youth that escaped from Utøya island are reporting of the horror that happened.  Witnesses say that the gunman shot people dead who were injured on the ground.  He threw rocks in the water to try to lure youth out from under rocks and caves.  Witnesses say the gunman shot 'the first pretty girl he saw'.  After the massacre, when the youth were escorted to the boats by police, they were told to look down but they couldn't help but see all the dead bodies lying around. The leader of the Labour Party Youth organisation (AUF), Eskil Pedersen,  was on the island at the beginning of the shooting.  He claims that he was quickly 'pulled into a boat' and they were one of the first ones to get off the island as the shooting started.  There are two questions - why did he not help any of the youth and were there only adults in the boat?  The AUF has been quick to promote its ideals and opinions with Pedersen saying to Norway in a press conference 'we are all AUFs at this time'.  This is sure to cause a negative reaction. On a side note: Aftenposten, one of the major national newspapers, has closed down its debate forum due to the many and, some-what strong, worded opinions about the attacks.  It is also out of the respect for those affected.  The are per-moderating all comments made to news articles. UPDATE - 14.30 From Utøya island to the mainland is 600 metres (almost half a mile).  Many youth swam this distance with clothes and shoes.  One youth swam ashore while towing his wounded friend.  Youth hiding in one of the building on their island: A reception centre has been established at a nearby hotel.  Outside there was a suspicious youth who was suddenly arrested by police officers.  The officers jumped him, threw him to the grown and handcuffed him.  Witnesses say he was smiling during the whole arrest.  Before he was put into a police car, he reportedly shouted to journalists 'I'm carrying a knife because I'm scared'.  The youth was supposedly on the island but little more is known about him at this time. The Prime minister, the Minister of Justice and the King are currently visiting the reception centre.  They are talking with family and survivors.  Many parents are starting to realise they will never see their children again - they haven't been identified yet but they haven't heard anything from their children ands they haven't come home.  It is becoming a grim reality.  PM Stoltenberg cries during the press conference at the Utøya reception centre. Breivik, the gunman, had bought 6 tonnes of artificial fertilizer from a local farmers store.  Brievik has a registered farming business so this is not unusual for a farmer.  6 tonnes is an amount to fertilize a medium size farm.  However, it is confirmed that police have found 3 tones of fertilizer left on the farm. Two years ago, Brievik revealed on a forum a strong hatred towards Labour Party youth or as he called it 'Stoltenberg-jugend', a reference to Hitler youth.  He claims that the Stoltenberg-jugend 'systematically terrorizes the politically conservative' (something that Breivik calls himself). UPDATE - 18.00 Footage taken by a news helicopter at the site of the massacre showed several dead bodies lying near the water on the island. The footage also shows a police officer walking around on the scene. It was not until later, when the footage had been taken back to the news headquarters, that the cameraman realised that the person in the picture is in fact the killer, still shooting at victims on the ground. He seemed to remain calm, taking his time searching out anyone who was hiding. He was still shooting as police stormed the other side of the island. One of the survivors told how the youth started running when the first shots were fired. The gunman, wearing a police uniform, then shouted that it was safe and they should come back. About 30-40 people gathered around him as he opened fire again. "When he stopped, there were only five or six left standing," says the witness who only escaped because the gunman missed him. UPDATE - 18.20 Police has confirmed that there are now 85 dead after the Utøya shooting, bringing the total up to 92 dead. In addition, four or five are still missing. This means the total death toll could rise to 97. The killer, Anders Breivik, has been interrogated all day but the police are reluctant to reveal details about his motives, weapons or background. In a press conference, the police stated that he has confessed to being on Utøya and that he fired shots. When Breivik was confronted by police on the island, he immediately put down his weapons and gave himself up. No shots were fired during the arrest. Breivik has been appointed a defense attorney, who wishes to remain anonymous. When asked how the killer was able to rampage the island for an hour and a half, the police replied that the task force was on the site 40 minutes after the call. (Utøya is approximately 60 minutes drive from Oslo). However, they had problems getting hold of a boat that could transport them to the island. The killer's family has been contacted, but the police will not go into details about this. Regarding the bomb in the city, the police has now determined that it was a car bomb. It is not clear whether it was a fertilizer bomb, like the media has reported. The authorities say that there are still remains of dead in the ruins. The death toll from the bombing can therefore rise as well. Forensic investigations are in progress at Utøya. The first victims have been taken to hospital for autopsy. No names of the deceased will be published today. It has emerged that Breivik has been active on a Nazi website where he has voiced his opinions. UPDATE - 21.00 This is our translation of King Harald V's address to the nation, given at 18.30 tonight:
Norway has been struck by a national tragedy. What we hoped would never happen, has happened nonetheless. At Sundvolden today we met young people and their families who shared their gruesome stories with us. They have lived through a day that none of us can comprehend. Our thoughts and deepest sympathy goes to all those affected, in Oslo and at Utøya. The police, rescue personnel, health personnel and volunteers have fought to save lives and made a heroic effort for all of us, even risking their own lives. We are all distraught by this unfathomable event, and have with disbelief received the news of the increasing number of dead. In the middle of the pain and chaos we have see the Prime Minister, the Government and the departments handle the situation in an excellent way. Both as individuals and as a nation it will take us a long time to digest and process the impressions, sorrows and feelings. In this process we need each other. All over the country people have lost someone they love. Many children and youth are frightened today. We must take special care of them. For many it is important to be together, while others have a need for quiet reflection. It is good that the country's churches are open for all who want to light a candle and need a place to go. It is also great that all local authorities and volunteer organisations have programs for those who feel a need to come together. There is still much we don't know about the background for yesterday's gruesome events, and it is important that we let those in charge work to clarify this. But we know some things: The acts performed in Oslo and at Utøya are an attack on the Norwegian society which we hold so dear. And  they are an attack on the core of Norwegian democracy. It is when our nation is put to the test that the strength, community and courage of the Norwegian people come clear. Now we stand firmly by our values. I hold on to the belief that freedom is stronger than fear. I hold on to the belief in an open Norwegian democracy and society. I hold on to the belief in our opportunities to live free and safe in our own country.


UPDATE - 24 July 2011 - 00.00 Brievik published a detailed terror journal. Transcribed from NRK report: One hour before the bomb, Breivik sent out an ideological manifest to a number of people.  The 1500 page document starts with a description of how much work and money he has put into the book.  He also includes some instructions on how he thinks the book should be spread.  The text finishes with the following sentence:
I think this will be my final statement.  It is now Friday 22nd of july, 12.51.
The police sources confirm that Breivik has admitted to publishing the document and a video on the internet (a private stream). He signed the document with an 'Anglofication' of his name, titling himself as a high ranking Knight Templar and one of several leaders for the pan-European patriotic resistance movement.  He also mentions that he has been getting help writing the document by brothers and sisters in England, France, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Italy, Spain, Finland, Belgium, Holland, Denmark and U.S.A. The manuscript contains a long interview with himself where he answers questions such as how he feels about 95% of Europeans hating him for what he will do and calling him a terrorist.  He also speaks of what motivates him and that he has planned the operation by himself with no one to confess to. He describes his childhood with four half siblings, stating that he had no negative experiences from his childhood but feeling he was given too much freedom.
Manuscript Quote: The time for dialogue is over.  We gave peace a chance. The time has come for armed resistance.  PCCTS, Knights Templar, on behalf of the free people of Europe, hereby declare pre-emptive war on the cultural Marxist/multiculturalist regimes of western Europe.  We recognise that Europe has technically been in a civil war since 1999 when Europe and American cultural-Marxists/Multiculturalists through NATO declared attacks on the Christian Serbian forces and striped them of the right to stop Islam in their homeland.
Explosives and Agriculture The contents of the book spans from revolution theory to agriculture.  The main points cover how the cultural-Maxist ideology has destroyed Europe from the war up until today, the threat from Islamic colonization, and his plan to build a better society. The book talks about, among other things, how to establish false mining companies to get access to explosives.  It also discusses questions about racial purity. Published Video There has also been published a 12 minute video which summarizes the book.
Video Quote: 'Cultural-Marxism', as proclaimed by the Frankfurter school, has spread the popular and destructive concept  of 'quota', 'multiculturalism' and 'diversity'.  It is not possible to escape these terms today.  These concepts have destroyed any defense that the European community has, which has laid the foundation for the Islamification of Europe.
You can view the video on youtube: Praising Finnish Nationalists Brievik refers several times to the famous politician int he Finnish party Sannfinnene, Jussi Halla-Aho, in the attachment to his email.  He praises the Finnish top politician for the way he has protested against a multi-cultural society.
Quote from the email: Jussi Halla-Aho has coe to the same conclusion as me regarding the Left Wing-Islamist collaboration in many countries: the Left Wing exploits the working class to maintain a passive immigrant population who vote Left.
End of article. Towards the end of the article he proposes some action for Europe which he calls 'quick list suggestions'. - Making sure that Muslin countries do not obtain nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction - Abolishing the democracies in the West with administrative monarchies or republics.  mass democracies to not function which has been proven. - Introducing a strategy to increase the population in the West, for instance banning abortion. - Giving the church greater influence. - Introducing death penalty on the third conviction. - Sending drug addicts to secluded camps where they do not have access to hard drugs. - Marxists must be re-educated from their political views.  In addition, groups that have been 'compromised' by such ideas must go through six month long courses.  All participants must pass an exam. - The Western countries must make themselves less dependent on oil.  There must also be established 'new goals for civilization'.  The focus on money and consumption must cease, and the focus must be turned to research and knowledge. Breivik's attorney, Geir Lippestad, has revealed that his client has talked about why he did what he did.  According to Lippestad, Breivik has also talked a lot about his manifest, which he supposedly has been working on for years.  The attack itself is also well planned according to Brievik.  When asked if Brievik regrest what he has done, his attorney said it was hard to say.  Breivik has stated that the attacks were 'gruesome but necessary'.  Breivik supposedly picked Lippestad as a defender.  Lippestad does not know the reason but he has now be given the task of defending the charged perpetrator behind the worst crime in Norway since War World II and the worst single killing spree in world history.
Lippestad says: It is, of course, a very special assignment but in Norway we have a democracy that gives everyone a right to an attorney.  I have to relate to this professionally.
On Monday Breivik will be sentenced for custody.  He wishes to make a statement to the court in an open trial. A gathering in downtown Oslo for those who we have lost and those who are wounded. UPDATE - 11.00 Breivik is pleading 'not guilty' of a crime but he acknowledges being behind the attacks.  He planned to be arrested as part of his propaganda.  There are fears that the trial will give Breivik exactly what he wants - a propaganda opportunity to the whole world.  Brievik says his goal was to strike at society and produce a change in society through revolution. The manuscript reveals that he had been planning the whole operation, by himself, for nine years.  Breivik obtained the weapons legally with a license from the police.  He claimed the weapons were for hunting to obtain them.  He was completely unknown to the police intelligence service.  He had some minor traffic misdemeanors but no criminal record.  On the island, Breivik ran out of ammunition before being arrested.  He took steroids in the weeks before the massacre. He had bought his farm in Hedmark a while before moving there permanently a month ago.  When he bought all the fertilizer the neighbours thought it odd that he didn't use any on his land.  He made the bomb in his barn.  In his terror journal he wrote that he did a number of explosion tests before the Oslo bombing.  In order for his mother not to discover what he was doing and planning he had to bury his weapons and clothes in the wilderness. The police response time to Utøya has been put in question.  They have released their log from two different headquarters on the time-line of events: - 17.27: reports of shooting at Utøya received at Northern Buskerud police district. - 17.30: operations headquarters in Oslo district received report of shooting at Utøya. - 17.38: Oslo police district receives request for backup from Northern Buskerud district. -17.52: first police patrol arrives in the area - must wait for suitable boat. - 18.03: reports that boat is on the way. - 18.09: task force arrives on mainland. - 18.25: task force lands on Utøya. - 18.27: perpetrator arrested. There is a memorial service in Oslo Cathedral this morning.  Two hours before the service opened the line of people was stretching out of the Cathedral and far up Karl Johans street, the main walk in the city. As yet, there is no indication of when the authorities will release the names of the injured and dead.  So far the number of deaths remain at 92. UPDATE - 12.10 An armed police raid is currently underway at a residence in the north of Oslo in connection to the terrorist attack on the government offices in the city centre on Friday.  The police attorney, Frida Anders Berg confirms the action. UPDATE - 13.00 Police confirms the raid is in connection with Friday's events. The police bomb squad is on the site and several people have been arrested - only in their underwear. The raid took place at an industrial site on the north-east side of Oslo. No more details have been revealed at this time. UPDATE - 13.40 A time-line of Breivik's planning is surfacing from his manuscript. The manuscript is signed with the Anglofied name 'Andrew Berwick' but the police tie the document to Anders Breivik.  A lot of the information in the document confirms that Breivik is the author. It is revealed that the manuscript is formulated as a ‘How to’. In a log, the 32 year old writes in detail how he obtains a bulletproof vest and protection gear, two firearms and ingredients for explosives. Here is a brief chronological order of his actions: In 2006 – due to money problems on financing his ‘operation’, Breivik moved out of his Oslo apartment and moved in with his mother. While living with his mother he ordered a disguise, which he buried in the wilderness. He ordered a rifle and a handgun legally, which he also buried. Dec 2010 – he started to buy the different chemicals he needed to make the bomb that shattered the government buildings. (He googled for 200 hours on how to make a bomb.) Breivik ordered several types of chemicals on the Internet to make the deadly explosives. 6th April 2011 – He rented a car and drove to meet a farmer who was renting out his farm. Breivik removed all rental decals from the car to make the farmer believe it was his own. May 2011 – Breivik started his 'development phase', including making a bomb. For this purpose he rented the aforementioned farm in Åsta, Hedmark, where he could work undisturbed. 1st May – Breivik moved into the farm. Immediately after he set up an evacuation plan in case the farmer or his wife would discover his plans. Breivik cuts off contact from his family and friends in Oslo in fear that they would discover his plan. 13th June – He drove away from the farm to perform a test of the bomb. After a successful detonation he went to a restaurant to celebrate. 18th June – He was told that the farmer’s wife was coming to the farm to pick something up. He was freaked out but was able to stop her from coming and agreed for her to come on the 21st of June instead. He made sure to clean up so she wouldn't find anything. 2 July – He wrote that he had been taking steroids for nine weeks and was getting worried about his liver. Breivik set up a driving plan – went over the route for plan A and plan B, got to know the routes and plotted the coordinates on his GPS. Abt 4th July – He dug up his chest in the wilderness to gather his guns and clothing. He then traveled back to the farm to continue working on his bomb. 3 July – Breivik feared the steroids are making him more aggressive. 22 July – Last comment in his journal said ‘I believe this will be my last entry. It is now Friday 22nd July, 12.51’. UPDATE - 18.30 One of the wounded from the Utøya shooting died in hospital today.  This means that 86 people have died from the shooting and now the total number of deaths from the terrorist attacks is 93. It has been confirmed by the police that the gunman, Breivik, was still carrying large amounts of ammunition when arrested. The raid earlier today was on a house on a commercial block that Breivik had been using.  They found no evidence of interest to the investigation. Norway is in national mourning.  Thousands of people have used Sunday to show their grief and respect to the victims of the bombing and massacre on Utøya.  Mourning ceremonies were held in churches all around the country today.  State leaders, including the Royal Family and Prime minister, attended in Oslo Cathedral. Norwegian athletes participating in various events around the world have worn black arm bands while competing yesterday and today.  At the Tour de France there was a one minute silence before todays final leg at the request of the Norwegian racers.  The Norwegian cyclists were placed at the front of the field for the ceremony and did not race to compete but rode and finished in honour of the victims of the terrorist attacks. Tomorrow at 12.00 (Monday 25 July, local time) there will be an official one minutes silence in both Norway and Sweden.  There will also be a condolence book placed in Oslo University's auditory.  The King and Queen will be the first to sign, followed by the Prime minister.  There will also be a condolence book available online.  An address is yet to be announced.


It has been revealed that Breivik was inspired by another blogger's writings who goes by the alias Fjordman.  Fjordman is known to have strong views on Islam and immigration.  He has written on several other extreme Right Wing sites.  He is only contactable via the net.  He is appalled by Breiviks actions and simply calls him a 'violent psychopath'.  In an email to VG he writes that he has never had anything to do with Breivik and says:
Fjordman: I, of course, intensely dislike if he has quoted me but I have written long texts about medieval history, astrophysics and even the history of beer, which haven't made anyone slaughter dozens of innocent people.
Fjordman claims he has no idea what made him one of Breivik's main inspiration sources:
Fjordman: I have never promoted violence.  It is absurd to blame Islam critics to be part of a violent psychopath, which the Utøya shooter must be, shooting at his own people, even non-Muslims.
In his own blog Fjordman has written a post where he condemns Breivik's terrorist attack.  He calls the Utøya perpetrator 'a monster who deserves just as little sympathy as he gave to his innocent unarmed victims'. ____ The Crown Princess, Mette-Marit, has lost her step brother in the shootings on Utøya.  He was working there as an off duty policeman during the convention.  When the shootings started he threw his ten year old son, who was with him for the event, to safety behind two girls before charging the gunman.  He was one of the first to get shot and die at the hand of the gunman. Many stories are coming in about the horror of the terrorist attacks and the heroism from people trying to save victims.  Stina Renate Haheim was interviewed by CNN and expressed Norway at this grievous time:
If one man can show so much hate, think how much love we can all show together.
Breivik's custody hearing is at 13.00 today, (local time).  Already the press has surrounded the area.  There is some controversy as to whether Breivik's trial should be open to the public.  Much sensitive information will be revealed and Breivik wants the opportunity to proclaim his propaganda. The police are now confirming that the number of dead will be adjusted to a lower figure.  The new figures will likely be published this afternoon. As mentioned last night, today at 12.00 (Monday 25 July, local time) there will be an official one minutes silence in both Norway and Sweden.  There will also be a condolence book placed in Oslo University's auditory.  The King and Queen will be the first to sign, followed by the Prime minister.  There will also be a condolence book available online.  An address is yet to be announced. UPDATE - 13.30 The condolence register placed in Oslo University's auditory in the city has now been opened for the public to sign.  The online edition of the national newspaper Dagbladet has opened up a condolence register: Dagbladet Go to the bottom of the article to see a register box. Translation: Write a greeting to the dead and their families or share your thoughts about the situation in the condolence register. Navn - Name, Alder - Age, Bosted - Living Place, Hilsen - Greeting. UPDATE - 17.30 The police have now confirmed that there are a total number of 68 dead from the Utøya shootings.  The number has decreased because it was a chaotic crime scene and they needed to publish a high number because the press were operating with only 10 dead.  The number of dead from the bombing in Oslo city has gone up to 8 from 7.  However, this number can still increase.  This brings the total number of deaths to 76.  It will take serveral days for the dead to be identified.  They will all need to go under autopsy to determine cause of death. The police have released that Breivik was on a watch list.  He was on a list of Norwegians who had been doing business with a Polish chemicals dealer.  During Breivik's hearing he claimed that there are two more 'terrorist cells' in his 'network'.  The prosecution is detaining Breivik for eight weeks.  The police have four weeks before Brievik he is released from isolation and eight weeks until another hearing for further detention.  Read the Ruling here. The Norwegian artist Rolf Morten Anti Amundsen has released a song in memory of the dead. UPDATE - 00.00 Today there was meant to be a 'torch' parade in Oslo's city centre, however, too many people turned up and so everyone had to stand still.  200,000 people took part, which is one third of the entire population of Oslo.  They listened to a speech made by the Crown Prince Haakon.  A 'torch' parade is a tradition in Norway to honour victims of violence and injustice.  Usually people carry torches or candle lights, however, today everyone carried roses.


UPDATE - 29 July 2011 A week after the terrorist attacks: All the dead have now been identified and there is no one missing.  The number is 68 from Utøya and 8 from the Oslo bombing, the total being 76. The first funeral was held today. More about Breivik:  When he was arrested he said to the police 'I'm done now'.  He is constantly talking mostly about his cause and manifest to everyone he can.  He is trying to barter giving up the names of his alleged accomplices in exchange for food and a computer.  There is also suggestions that he had planned a secret stash of money and weapons for more attacks, and that he has an escape plan from prison.  Other inmates are saying they want to 'get him' if given the chance.  All the radical groups that he has mentioned and been associated with are stating that they are appalled by his actions.  His father has disowned him and his mother has a facebook support group. Jens Stoltenberg, the Prime minister of Norway, is being compared to great leaders such as Winston Churchill.  In a poll, a lot of Swedes want Stoltenberg as the Prime minister of Sweden. There has been much debate about Breivik's manifest.  The media is getting a lot of pressure from the public not to publish or even mention it.  It is thought that this will stop giving Breivik what he wants - for his manifest to become public and spread. Many world leaders and countries are saying they will use the Norwegian tragedy as a learning experience. At the moment there is a lot of debate about many issues from police actions and the AUF using this time to promote their beliefs, to other countries and world leaders praising Norway's 'peace and love' in such a time, and the scrutiny of commentators (such as Glen Beck) with Norwegian children being sent to a political youth camp.  Time will heal and time will tell what holds for Norway in the future. This is the last update for this post. 

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