AS THE OSLO BOMBING AND UTØYA SHOOTING ARE NOW CONNECTED PLEASE REFER TO THE TERRORIST ATTACK IN NORWAY: OSLO BOMBING AND UTØYA SHOOTINGS FOR MORE UPDATES, PHOTOS AND VIDEOS. About 2 hours after the Oslo bombing, a man posing as a police officer fired several shots at a Labour Party youth convention, about 700 people attending, on Utøya, an island west of Oslo.  It was reported that the man in a police uniform identified himself as a police officer when boarding the boat to the island.  He said it was a 'routine control' in connection with the terrorist bombing earlier in Oslo city. The shooter has not been caught as yet and people are hiding where they can.  The police have sealed off the island. It has not been confirmed that the Oslo bombing and Shooter incidents are connected. More to follow. UPDATE - 18.37: The shooter is still shooting and people are tweeting for help.  The ambulance officers cannot get to the injured because of the shooter and the chaos. UPDATE - 18.43: It has been reported that several people have been shot.  Scared kids are swimming away from the island. UPDATE - 18.46: People are asked not to call people on the island because it gives away the kids hiding location to the shooter. UPDATE - 19.08: It has been reported that the Prime minister of Norway, Jens Stoltenberg, was supposed to give a speech at the Youth convention today.  He is currently in an undisclosed location but is still communicating to the country.  At the 19.00 news he told the Norwegian people 'We should not let fear control us'. UPDATE - 19.16 The police are reporting that the situation is under control and one person has been arrested.  They do not know as yet how many people have been killed or injured from the shooting.  Witnesses say that between 5-10 people have been killed but this is not confirmed.  One witness said that the gunman was using several weapons including a shotgun, handguns, and automatic weapons. According to reporters, the gunman is tall blond and with 'Nordic' features.  The camp participants are now being evacuated from the island and at least 20 ambulances and 4 helicopters have been called in. UPDATE - 20.00 It has now been confirmed that the authorities believe that the Oslo bombing and the Utøya shootings are connected.  They also report that they fear there is another bomb at Utøya. AS THE OSLO BOMBING AND UTØYA SHOOTING ARE NOW CONNECTED PLEASE REFER TO THE OSLO BOMBING POST FOR MORE UPDATES. 

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