We are keeping the Viking sheep in their winter paddock, in view from the house, until the lambs are big enough to be out of our sight.  The days have been very sunny and warm so the sheep have been spending much of their time in the forest.  Still, when I jump the fence and 'baaa' they come-a-running. Ramstein, our ram, has become very affectionate.  He takes his time sniffing out hands (looking for bread) and sometimes uses us as a salt-lick.  Our runt, Ba Ba, the black sheep, has been looking a little ragged lately.  I've read that Gammelnorsk spælsau are natural shedders of their wool but no reading can prepare you for the real deal. When the wool becomes loose it gets a little itchy for the sheep and we often see them scratching themselves up against trees and posts.  Anything that can rip off their wool now wears a General Custer mustache or Santa beard. The sheep also help each other by taking a mouthful of wool and ripping it off.  Ba Ba has lost all her wool now, so she looks like she has been shorn.  In this state you can see a great resemblance to the Norwegian goat.  I'm sure some (non-villsau) people would think these were goats. Our paddock is scattered with wool.  We are not picking it up - it's part of the circle of life now.  Local kids come round every day to participate in farm chores and like to amuse themselves with the wool.  One boy took some home and washed it in the washing machine.  He was very proud to give it back to me smelling like fabric softener. 

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