Of course 'lost in translation' happens both ways and I was so happy to catch a Norwegian on this one.  For the last couple of weeks I've been sorting out my dance classes for next year.  I mentioned to a colleague that some of my students went on 'permission' (a word and action I have grown to 'argh' at - it is a polite way of skipping dance class to go on early holidays while barring your spot for next year preventing the next person on the waiting list from getting a place in the class).  'Those who piked out early this year, if they want to move up', I said to my colleague, 'they will need to do catch-up classes'.  The next day we were all in a meeting and another Norwegian colleague asked me 'what are ketchup classes?'  I hadn't a clue.  But luckily the penny dropped - 'you mean CATCH-up classes?'  The whole room burst out laughing and the second colleague turned to the first 'you said ketchup!' 

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