Trønder rabbits are black with white guard hairs.  You can imagine our surprise when we found, not one, but two albino kits in one of our litters.  Albino rabbits are fairly common in any rabbit breed, however, getting two in one litter required some investigation. After exhausting all our resources we finally called up the national gene bank to ask about our rabbits.  The Trønder rabbit expert revealed that a while back the  Norwegian White Landrace rabbit was breed into the Trønder for genetic diversity.  The Landrace rabbit is an albino breed.  This has developed a 'white Trønder' recessive gene.  The expert told us it happens often and you just 'take them out'.  Take them out?  That sounded harsh.  My first thought was Bruce Willis with an M16 but Moose said 'No, you silly, take them out of the breeding program'.  (I was relieved!) It is perplexing that no one else, breeders or the like, have said a word to us about this gene blooper.  It is like a dirty little secret of the Norwegian rabbit breeding world.  It makes me wonder what other surprises we could run into down the line. The litter in nearly six week now and are out in the open.  We have to be careful of the albino Trønder in the sun because they can get sunburn.  It is lovely having a little variety in our rabbits, white Trønders are beautiful.  But they will certainly not be bred as it is important to maintain the Trønder standard.  The Trønder would go extinct if people kept mixing in other breeds. Though, I'm sure there are some who would love to have a white Trønder, (including us).  

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