There was no use digging your heels in last weekend in the centre of Alta, when the local division of the national women's running league Spar Jentebølgen arranged a race in the middle of a busy shopping street. And it wasn't just an ordinary race. This was a sprint - in stilettos! The conditions for participating were simple: Two feet and shoes with minimum 1 3/4 inch heels. Other than that, anything was allowed. And participants certainly took that seriously. At the starting line were women in full running outfits, a hen party, shop clerks taking a short break to run, a woman giving her daughter a piggy-back, and a man dressed up as a witch(!).

The racers lined up at the starting line, the starter shouted "go!" and the race was on. It soon became evident that some were well accustomed to running in stilettos. Others just took it easy.

There was a good spread at the half-way (30 meters) checkpoint. As the racers came running back to the finish line, there was no competition for the winner. After an intense 30-second sprint, the gold medallist could proudly pose for the press along with the People's Choice winner (below).


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