Sheep farmers are very busy right now.  It is a week into lambing season and the first lambs have been born.  Great Uncle is checking on his sheep in our barn a couple times a day.  Every few hours there are a couple more new born lambs.  Very exciting. Norwegian white sheep (NHS - Norsk hvit sau) are the regular breed of sheep for sheep farmers in Norway.  They have good meat and twinning.  These sheep are usually bred late November, early December, which means they lamb early May.  Before they lamb they are shorn - they get very dirty living in the barn all winter.  Shearing enables the farmer to judge how close lambing is according to the colour and size of the sheep's vulva.  Also, shearing helps the lambs find their mother's teats better. I've been looking forward to lambing season.  I've never seen a lamb being born and having Great Uncle's sheep being born so early has given me a little experience for our own Viking Sheep.  We bred our Viking sheep in mid-December but their gestation is about 7 days earlier than regular sheep, so we are expecting soon. But for now we are enjoying watching Great Uncles lambing season.  Every day there are a couple more knew lambs in the barn.  The lambs are very active and curious.  When they get too curious their mother stamps her feet and the lambs fall back.  The new borns aren't like the ones you see on the toilet paper ads.  They are much smaller, more skinnier and less fluffy.  They are much more delicate than I expected.  Their legs and ears are too long for their body.  They are the cutest things ever.  

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