I never thought a tombstone would make me smile and say ‘how cute!’ But you just can’t help yourself when you see one like this. It is even in 3D. I think it is a wonderful idea to have something such as this carved on your tombstone that represents your life. A site like this would be a joy to visit.

This tombstone is in the Tromsø cemetery. Paul Bjørvig was a Norwegian hunter and polar explorer. He was born in Tromsø and went on his first expedition at age 13. Throughout his life, Bjørvig went on many expeditions in various roles into the Arctic and Antarctic. Many attempts were unsuccessful. In fact, he often found himself the only one left alive on a couple of occasions and had to bunker in caves or frozen ships for a couple of months until the ice melted and he could return home. His most notable company was Wellman 1894-1909, Gauss 1901-03, the Drygalski and Deutschland expedition with Filcher 1911-13.

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