Skoleboller (school buns) are boller with a custard centre and an iced coconut topping.  They are as generic as the original boller in Norway.  Every supermarket stocks a fresh load of these in the bakery section.  When it is a choice between plain boller and skoleboller, the latter always wins. You can make skoleboller from scratch using a regular bolle recipe but here we have the convenience of packet mixes - yeast, boller mix and even mothers home-baked vanilla cake filling.  The custard has a very firm consistency that doesn't melt when in the oven. Following the instructions gets you to the skoleboller base.  They need to cool before the topping can go on. The icing we use is just icing sugar and a little water to make a sticky paste.  It is drizzled around the top of the boller, often in a zig-zag pattern. The boller are dipped into coconut.  Because the custard had been baked with the boller it isn't sticky and doesn't pick up the coconut. When made they look and taste exactly the same as the store skoleboller.  They don't last very long as people can't keep their hands off them. They always go down well with the kids.  

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