I was a little excited about this one.  Norwegians are good liquorice eaters.  They have salty liquorice, sweet liquorice and even liquorice chewing gum.  I've offered my dance kids black jelly beans and they've gobbled them down without even the 'ewww, liquorice' I'm used to hearing from Aussie kids. Liquorice ice cream would normally be a surprise to me but since I am in Norway I guess it is normal.  I was looking forward to the vanilla ice cream with runny black topping throughout.  Or maybe they would have soft liquorice bits imbedded in the cream.  What we got was a little unusual - grey ice cream.  No bits, no runny topping, just a cold grey mass.  We were not convinced that the ice cream was supposed to be like this.  Maybe it was a mistake, or the end of the ice cream batch, so we will have to get another tub just to make sure that the grey ice cream was the real deal. We had a hard time eating it.  Putting something grey and cold in your mouth can be a little humorous.  One spoonful was enough for me but Moose ate his.  And the kids, well, the longer they left it the darker the ice cream got as it melted until it resembled black oil in their bowls.  Mmmmh, yummy!  

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