Rolled roasts are common in Norway.  Pork and beef are regular rolled roasts, reindeer and moose can be found especially when in season, and it is rare to see rolled roast lamb.  I have yet to see a roast on-the-bone - shoulder or leg.  In fact, all the roasts I see in Norway, except for ribbe and any fowl, are rolled.  Most roasts, especially the game ones, can be found in the frozen food section but there is also a modest selection in the fresh meat section.  Sometimes certain meats aren't available - like recently there has hardly been any pork meat in the stores in Alta and many people went without ribbe for Christmas - so it is best to plan ahead and get a frozen one to keep for a month or so if you must have roast on a certain day.  Rolled roast can come pre-seasoned or marinated for todays essential 'convenience'. All rolled roast are very small, usually just enough for two people.  I have yet to see a rolled roast that could feed ten people.  There are not many butcher shops around in Norway - none in Alta, two in Tromsø and a handful in Oslo, and so on - but if you find one you may get bigger cuts or special orders.  Don't even think about trying to get a half pig or a pig-on-a-spit unless you kill it and butcher it yourself.  The biggest roast I have seen here is Turkey but they are mainly sold around New Years as many in Norway have a tradition of New Years roast turkey.  

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