I love moose!  I'm talking about the majestic wildebeests of the Arctic. (Of course, my better-half isn't half bad either).  More than any other animal I see in the wild, I get excited at the slightest glimpse of a moose.  Tigers, elephants, kangaroos or geese just don't do if for me.  So you can imagine my uphoria when I saw, not one, but THREE moose just standing in an icy field. They were looking at something in the scrub and that was my chance to get closer.  I parked the car and began my sneaking. No sooner and the moose were looking my way.  Doh!  They trotted off into the scrub. Defeated, I jumped back in the car.  (It is hard to get good pictures in the blue light with just still objects, let alone running moose.)  I drove about two metres and what do you know, more moose!  I jumped out again but this time kept my distance. I could see six!  I started to think that this was not normal.  I have seen many moose standing in fields, trotting along the roads and even one outside our bedroom window but they were always alone.  Moose, (my hubbie), said that they were hungry bucks that had come down looking for more food.  There had been a surplus of moose and food was getting scarce.  The brave ones had to venture into civilization, onto farms and the sides of roads, to find food.  But moose don't normally hang out in packs like this. Just when I was about to leave in the car, I turned back for one last look. And what do you know?  There were eight of them!  They had come out into the open again - maybe to see me off? 

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