Living in a small 'city' can be tough but that is Norway - everyone lives in a small city.  'They' say that Norway is up there with quality of life, even the best, but how can it be so if there are no doctors available?  I live in a normal small city, it is the largest city in Finnmark county, and yet there are no doctors who will accept anymore on their patient lists. The table above is of all the doctors in Alta - their names and addresses have been removed for privacy.  This screen shot was captured today.  Notice the "Ledig" on the top right in blue - it means "available" as in the 'number of available places on the GPs list'. The HELFO - Norwegian health service - wants me to complain to my local kommune (city council) but as you would know by the time I get any action from the kommune it will be weeks before my children can see a doctor.  We do have an emergency clinic at the pretend-hospital (they don't have any surgery there - if you need one you are shipped to Tromsø or Hammerfest) but our health issue isn't considered an emergency.  Lil' Red had his shots two weeks ago and is still suffering from mucus running out of his ears and his doctor who we have never seen wouldn't book him in until three weeks time.  This is not good.  We went to change our doctor and saw the above picture.  We phoned the HELFO and they said each kommune has a kommune 'head doctor' whose responsibility is to make sure everyone gets seen in a reasonable time.  Three weeks in not reasonable for a baby with an ear infection.  The HELFO even said that our wait for the GP appointment wasn't good enough.  So now like a squirrel up a phone-tree we are calling round to find someone with the authority to solve the problem - first trying to find out who the head doctor is!  This is Nor(mal)way. 

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