I've never been as sick as I have been in Norway.  I catch everything.  If it is going around it is a certainty that I am next.  And when Lilu started barnehage (kindergarden) they said to expect to get sick lots for the next six months.  Great.  And they weren't kidding. The last three days have been a killer.  Lilu had caught another bug from barnehage (again) and this one was more like chronic food poisoning.  I am still in shaking mode from not eating or getting out of bed for three days.  Even though we all had it, I'm always the one that gets hit hardest.  We joke that it's because Aussies aren't as tough as Vikings, but it is also true.  But I'm sure if Vikings moved to the tropics they would curl up into little balls and cry for their mummies. We have some really ferocious strains in Australia but, as Aussies have earnt the right to be there, they aren't more than a tickle.  However, take an Aussie out of her comfort zone to the top of the world and she suffers her own personal pandemic!  Last Easter I was in bed for five days shivering under two doonas.  There was one freak occurance when Moose got deathly sick last year and I was very nervous.   I had never, ever, seen him sick since we had been together - a Viking thing -  so if he was getting sick so bad then what was I in for?  You know what - nothing!  I got nothing.  He was in bed for three days and even after nursing him back to health I escaped without even a runny nose.  My Australian vaktmesterceller ('janitor cells' - the cutesy way of saying 'immune system' in Norwegian) truly kicked in for that one. But this Winter season has been crazy, at least in Alta, and I don't think just for us.  I have the health hazard of working with hundreds of people a week, a lot of them kids, so I have caught everything going around, not to mention the help of Lilu's barnehage.  I am sick of getting sick!  I am finally a permanent resident in Norway so have earnt the right to live here but evolution certainly doesn't see it that way. 

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