Sami Week in Tromsø happens around early February every year.  The International Day of the Sami People is celebrated on the 6th of February.  There are seminars and meetings in connection with Tromsø university and the City Council that discuss the Sami culture.  Concerts by Sami artists are held as well as exhibitions around town.  The library also has free Sami language lessons and one-on-one sessions to 'meet a Sami'. In the market square there is a Sami 'camp' set up for the week where trinkets, handmade products from wool, reindeer and wood are sold.  You can sit in a lavvu in front of a warm open fire and sip bulijon, traditional Sami broth.  Sometimes you can meet reindeer at the market. You can buy Sami specialties like dried or smoked reindeer meat and heart. On the Sunday there is always Sami competitions such as rope tossing and reindeer racing.  The walking street is marked off through the centre of the city for the reindeer racing.  The crowd lines the paves to cheer on the competitors. For Tourists: It costs about 100kr (US$20) to enter the gate to the races.  The races last a short time depending on how many competitors there are.  If you fancy doing a bit of reindeer racing yourself then think about going to Kautokeino in Finnmark for the Sami Easter Festival

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