Norwegian chocolate pudding is extraordinarily common in Norway.  It is a cheap desert that leaves you unimpressed.  It is not a warm cake with runny chocolate or a fluffy mousse, light and airy.  Instead it is a tasteless and cold chocolate jelly that is usually served with runny custard to put in some 'slide' effect down your throat. It sits on the shop self next to the canned pineapple and dried cake ingredients.  It slithers out of its foiled-cardbord pack retaining its boxy shape on your plate.  Don't let the dark chocolatey colour fool you into thinking you will get your chocolate fix.  There doesn't seem to be any chocolate in it at all but a couple of drops of chocolate essence.  The dessert is carved and slapped in a bowl - there is no way to make it look pretty.  It's texture in your mouth is like curdled cream that has solidified from sitting out too long.  I've heard that Norwegians love anything that is 'pre-chewed' and this dessert certainly takes the cake. What's more embarrassing is that they serve this desert at five star restaurants as part of their usual buffet.  When I eat at the Rica I see tourists get curious about this weird looking dessert and take a slab.  Big mistake.  It is certainly a sad end to a lovely dinner .  You can also get a vanilla version which is equally unimpressive.  A thin caramel sauce is a usual accompaniment.  Whipped cream can also try and class up the pudding but still half way through the slab you will ask yourself 'why am I eating this?!' But, to be fair, as yet I haven't tried a home-made pudding, so I don't know if one would be to die for.  However, I've never known a Norwegian to make a pudding and maybe there is a good reason. 

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