I loved Disney cartoons, Marvel and DC comics when growing up.  Mickey, Donald, Spider-man and Batman were household names.  Since being in Norway I've had to learn new names for my favourite characters but somehow they don't seem the same.  A lot of the character names are the same in Norway as used in the English-speaking world but there are some names that leaves me wondering what the 'name-maker' was thinking. Mickey Mouse is Mikke Mus.  Donald Duck is Donald Duck.  Pluto is Pluto.  And Minnie Mouse is Minni Mus.  But Goofy is Langbein, which means 'long leg' because Goofy is... tall and lanky.  Huey, Dewey and Louie are Ole, Dole and Doffen.  Daisy Duck is Dolly Duck (but 'duck' in Norwegian is and.)  And Big Pete is Svartepetter meaning 'Black Peter'.  Uncle Scrooge is Skrue which means 'screw'.  Cinderella is Askepott which means 'ash-pot'.  Snow White is Snøhvit - a direct translation.  Sleeping Beauty is Tornerose which means 'thorn rose'. In comics Batman is Batman but he used to be called Lynvingen which means 'lightningwing'.  Spider-man is Edderkoppen which means 'the spider'.  There are also a couple of superheroes that are loosely based of Norse mythology - Thor and Thor Girl: Soon there will be a movie out on the Marvel character Thor.  Living in Norway, I'm thinking I'm a little more excited about it than I normally would be! 

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